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Vision and Brand Strategy

We create an original and distinctive positioning for a brand.

A differentiating positioning is the mental space your brand holds in the mind of the customer: it’s the qualities you need your audience to instinctively associate with your business.

At its best, it’s the clearest and most compelling articulation of your brand’s strategy.

It is the definition of the CEO’s vision. It also shapes the behaviours and choices of everyone, every day, working in the company.

It creates value at every level of a business.

And, through this, it creates value in the mind of the customer.

Our unique methodology:

Verbal Identity use a proprietary ‘inside out’ method.

We collaborate directly with a brand’s key individuals to fully understand the brand’s DNA and drivers. A combination of rigorous research and linguistic analysis gives us the knowledge we need to define the CEO’s vision.

This is codified into our 7-slide format.

Seven slides, we’ve discovered, are long enough to be exhaustive and short enough to be memorable.

It allows us to crystallise your target customer, brand beliefs (why you do what you do), and brand values (how you do what you do).

Finally, we sum this up into one specific, unique positioning. Think of it as your company’s tattoo: the organising thought that will single you out from your competitors, illuminate your brand’s behaviours, and end up in the heads of everyone working on behalf of the brand.

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C-suite Alignment

We help company leaders bring their Vision to life

We recognise that there are a number of levers which are needed to produce long-term change. We focus on C-suite alignment.

An unaligned C-suite affects every department and every facet of a business’ operation. It’s often the most strongly felt, but most overlooked, barrier to change.

A C-suite in which every member understands both the Vision and their place in achieving it, means decisions happen sooner, the company moves faster and the business achieves its full potential.

Our unique methodology:

We know that people cannot commit to a picture of the future until they see themselves in it.  Our proven methodology allows rapid alignment of the leadership team with a combination of:

  • Scenario Planning: By looking at multiple scenarios, people are better able to recognise the possibility of different outcomes and the choices they can make to achieve those. We help the leaders explore exactly what options are available and how the Vision will affect them and their team.
  • Language Shaping: The way we communicate ideas shapes not only how others view that information, but our own attitude towards it. Using linguistic theory, we help the C-suite move from ‘I see’ to ‘I feel’ so that they’re using all their senses to understand what’s required. From there, we encourage them to use ‘I will’. At that moment, they’ll be committing to action.

More than just setting goals, this method lets teams take ownership of the new Vision and their part in its realisation.

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Voice Guidelines and Writer Training

We craft and implement Tone of Voice and Verbal Guidelines.

It’s through language that deep connections inside your company and with your customers are built.

Now, more than ever, brand owners need to help everyone in the building communicate clearly, consistently, and on-brand.

Brand voice guidelines are the guard rails that let your writers know how they should be speaking and how that voice should flex across different channels.

Our unique methodology:

We look at a brand’s language on 3 levels: 10,000 ft, 1,000 ft, and Ground Level.

10,000 is your brand’s narrative. It is its key values- what it loves, what it hates, and who it is.

1,000 feet is your brand’s personality. It’s the tonal qualities that determine how a brand speaks.

Ground Level is the lexicon, the structure that is characteristic of the brand.

We deconstruct language to examine these 3 levels and make sure there’s consistency across all of them.

We examine the language of brands both within and without your category to open up new possibilities for your brand voice.

And we use real-life examples to make the style stick.

As a result, Voice Guidelines are easy to use, allowing enough room for your writers to be creative and enough clarity for a voice that’s unmistakably your brand’s.