Ad Agency: Proving 2 words are worth millions in new business

The MD of a top 20 global ad agency knew that the potential client he was pitching would need a very good reason – and a lot of reassurance – to move the global account. Especially as his pitch revolved around a new 2-word strapline. He had only 48 hours to perfect his pitch when he called us.

He asked us to unpack the new 2 word endline and give the linguistic reasoning behind why it would work.

One word sparks a thousand more

We used our knowledge of psycholinguistics to understand how consumers would respond to these two words and the associations it would create in their minds.

To help the MD sell in the line, we prepared a 2 minute face-to-camera piece he played in the pitch.

How do you explain the complex effects of words simply?

We showed that the line would work because these two words were unexpected partners, and so they’d create a cognitive dissonance that demanded attention from the reader. Also, the writer’s smart choice of an imperative verb challenged people to take action.

Better than we can say it

The agency won the pitch. The media value was estimated by Ad Age to be worth more than $250 million.