Aylin White: Developing a new tone of voice

Aylin White is a leading recruitment agency for the property, engineering, construction and financial sectors.

Earlier this year, the company’s founders, Simon and David Perdoni, decided that it was time to relaunch the company, which in turn required the relaunch of their website. This immediately prompted the question: How do we update our tone of voice?

So they came to us with the brief: help Aylin White find the unique voice that would reflect their new positioning and future aspirations.

Uncovering the foundations of the brand

To better understand the company, we conducted a series of meetings with the principals so that we could identify the factors that contributed to Aylin White’s success.

Then we looked closely at the executive recruitment market, in order to create a unique tone of voice that would talk to both potential recruiters and senior executives alike.

Words for more than just the website

As well as writing key copy, we gave Aylin White a comprehensive set of guidelines. The new voice can now be heard not just on the relaunched website, but also across the full suite of digital and social media channels.

Better than we can say it

Aylin White have now asked us to look at their brand communications across an even wider context.