Cadell & Co: How the website language helped position a new company

Richard Bagnell-Smith, a founding partner at Cadell + Co., realised that when you’re launching a new company, your website needs to do more than provide information. Without tangible products, a track record or word-of-mouth recommendations, prospective clients look to your website for proof of your credibility.

Cadell + Co. launched to provide financial management of art held in trust.

We realised that although the firm was new, it needed to use language to prove that it should be immediately considered right alongside the other advisors to a trust, such as the investment banks.

Walking and talking with confidence.

We conducted linguistic analysis of the other advisors, including hedge funds.

We saw that their language didn’t waste a moment justifying their existence. Instead, it acted with a great confidence – reflected in sparse language and telling, rather than pleading, the reasons for their credibility.

We also noticed how great firms are more than the sum of their founders.

If it looks like a portfolio manager, and it sounds like a portfolio manager, it’s probably a portfolio manager

We rewrote their website copy and changed their tone of voice to be more assumptive, confident and put their RTBs at the forefront of how they talked about themselves.

We also changed a small detail: we changed the copy so that it always referred to the firm in the 3rd person, rather than using ‘We’.

Better than we can say it

Richard was delighted with the work, and the company is enjoying a successful launch. You can see Cadell + Co.’s website for yourself here.