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The world’s biggest client we can’t talk about: Repositioning the values of a small car

In 2011, we were contacted by the UK marketing director of the world’s biggest car manufacturer.

In the meeting, we discussed how 9 out of 10 of a brand’s touch points are now dominated by language, how modern brand strategies need to embrace linguistics and how 21st Century brands need a verbal identity, just as they needed a visual identity in the 20th Century.

As we finished the meeting, I joked that doing this sure was better than the old ad agency days, being briefed at the last minute to write a 48 sheet poster over the weekend. What an idiot.

Old habits (and skills) die hard

A few days later, on Friday at 2.35 pm, the marketing director called me back. Their agency of record had let them down. They needed to shoot a 48$ poster for a new launch. Could we…
Of course we could.

Small car, more fun

The strategy at the heart of our advertising campaign rested on a simple insight: in times of recession, people don’t want to stop having fun. And when money is tight, a smaller and more fuel-efficient car allows them to drive more and have more fun.

We delivered 6 great posters back to them on Monday morning. We got a standing ovation. And an NDA.