Fred Perry: It’s not writers who do most of the writing

Training the e-commerce and social media team in Fred Perry’s tone of voice.

Most of the words that a brand produces each day are created by people who don’t have ‘Writer’ anywhere in their title. So how do you make sure the brand’s tone of voice is consistent, wherever customers come into contact with it?

Which of your brand language has the most influence?

We worked with Rob Gaitt, the head of brand at Fred Perry, to identify which touch points were most influencing customers’ perceptions: we used a weighted series of metrics, including how early copy was encountered on the customer’s journey, the frequency of the interaction and which stories customers were carrying out to the wider world.

As Fred Perry launches a twice-yearly collection of hundreds of products, and their products are sold heavily through the website, with a loyal audience returning again and again to buy from specific lines, web and product copy was the most important place to start. Our work began with the e-commerce team and the head of social media.

Workshops and expensive chocolate

Verbal Identity has a menu of workshops for writers and non-writers, and we had already created Fred Perry’s verbal brand guidelines. But on this occasion we created a bespoke day, which included more focus on the core values of the brand, with a series of challenging and entertaining writing exercises (including, how you sell a £14 bar of chocolate.)

Better than we can say it

We were rated 117/120 for the effectiveness of this workshop. One contributor commented, “Made me feel more confident about the brand. Easy & adaptable techniques…made me excited about the brand.”