Global Media Agency: It’s not just great ideas that win clients – it’s how you communicate them

Our client is a senior strategist at one of the most successful media planning agencies in the world. Strategists often need to communicate lengthy and complex ideas. But they need to do it in a way that engages potential clients better than the next guys who walk into the room. Our client knew that if they could do that consistently, the agency would win more business and grow faster.

He asked us to coach the senior team, to help improve their communication and presentation skills.

Clear writing starts with clear thinking

We ran a one-day workshop for the Managing Director and a select group of senior media strategists.

The workshop focused on the fact that good writing isn’t about punctuation and grammar. It’s about colour, imagination and, above all, clarity.

We started the day with some practical exercises on frameworks that structure your thoughts, such as SCQA and MECE . In the afternoon, we moved on to a toolkit of writers’ tips, like ‘how to write a great headline’.

We followed this up with a series of one-on-ones with each member of the team 4 weeks later. This was important because even the smartest people can forget what they’ve learnt and fall back into old habits.

Better than we can say it

Our client has now asked us to organise a series of bite-sized, 2 hour workshops, for everyone in the agency. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve had:

I wanted to send you both a really big thank you. A couple of weeks in and I can really see a difference both in my own work and the directions I give the team.