How do you lure the country’s smartest graduates to work in a small seaside city?

When Sparx approached Verbal Identity with their strategic planning partners, Good Business, they thought they had a problem.
They are one of the world’s most ambitious – and well-funded- educational technology firms. If you imagine that Google did Maths lessons, you’ll understand what Sparx is attempting to do: by tracking pupils’ performance in maths over the long term, you can create near-perfect, bespoke maths lessons for the pupils following in subsequent years.

So, smart and digital and cutting edge. But they’re not in Shoreditch. Or even London. They’re in Exeter. (Population 124,328). And they need to lure the country’s smartest graduates away from London’s banks and starts up to come and join them.

They asked us to help position them in a series of recruitment ads.

It’s not London. It’s better than that

We realised that it’s only London that thinks London is the best place in the world. The true competition for this country’s brightest grads isn’t London, it’s the West Coast of the States.

And we also realised that a move to Exeter is a lot less daunting than a move to the far side of another country.

So our communications flattered and seduced candidates to find out more, but we also pitched Sparx against a move to the States. This built Sparx into the same consideration set as the world’s best (and handily elevated it above the London recruitment melee).

Better than we can say it

As Sparx is a digital company through and through, the ads were online…and we were able to show how the ads produced a significantly higher harvest of suitable candidates than previous years.

Sparx Advert 1

Sparx Advert 2

Sparx Advert 3

Python Advert