Parkwood Leisure: How many brands can one company grow?

Fiona Spence had recently joined Parkwood Leisure as Head of Brands and Marketing. Her office was a chaos of comms materials for different brands and sub-brands. Fiona didn’t have the time and resources to grow 25 different brands. She had to find out if she could simplify the brand architecture. So, she asked us to help her discover what her customers really thought of all her brands. She had 3 weeks before she had to present her findings to the board.

Prune the branches, then shake off the dead leaves

Anyone can write an email survey. But it takes very specific psycholinguistic skills to create a survey that people actually complete, and that gives you the information you need. Fiona’s team had already drafted an email survey, but it wasn’t working. The first problem we noticed was that there were over 60 questions.

First, we chopped out any sections that weren’t essential to help Fiona make this key decision. Then, to make sure Fiona would get valuable, accurate answers to the remaining questions, we used our expertise in linguistics to refine the precise wording of each question.

Test, measure, refine, repeat

There was something else we saw that could be improved: the email that introduced the survey. We knew that the language of the email could make a significant difference to the response rate. We also knew the best way to find out the most effective email: test, measure, refine, repeat. We wrote 3 alternative subject lines, and 2 versions of the body text. Then, we designed a series of tests to find the most effective combination.

Better than we can say it

Within 2 weeks, Fiona had the information she needed to present her key budget decisions to the board.