Menu The business of storytelling is a network of highly specialised companies covering all aspects of modern business technology. Lucia Randone, the Digital Communications Manager, noticed that the company’s consultants had a tendency to focus solely on communicating the facts, features and functions to their prospective clients.

The problem with this approach was that it failed to convey the all-important outcomes and benefits that would seal the deal.

So Lucia asked us to help the consultants how to ‘humanise’ the way they talked to clients.

The art of a good story is in the telling

We organised a one-day, practical workshop on ‘Storytelling for business’. We convinced them that ‘narrative’ isn’t just a buzzword: it can play a crucial role in helping them to sell their services.

There are many different types of narrative (anecdote, fable, parable, confessional, prediction and others) and we talked about how their different forms suit different objectives. In addition, we also coached on techniques to make the telling more convincing.

Throughout the day, we took the team through a series of fun, practical exercises to prove it.

Better than we can say it

Below are just 2 of the many positive comments we received from consultants who benefited from the workshop:

A fantastic experience!

I will now organize my speeches and presentations with what I have learnt.