Staples: Brand identity for a brand-savvy, sales-led world

Craig Lovelidge, the head of Creative at Staples European HQ, realized that in tough trading conditions, there are tough choices to be made in how your brand communicates. He asked us to look at his options, and also conduct a skills analysis of his team.

Competitive analysis

We conducted a competitive review to understand the drivers in the marketplace – of both the commercial positionings and the verbal strategies that were being used to amplify these positionings and drive sales.

It’s not sales Vs brand. It’s both.

We quickly discovered that there were some audiences who were making their choice of stationery solely as ‘cheapest is best’. But we also noticed how some brands in the market were also successfully selling on brand values.

We quickly realized that for a market giant like Staples, there was an opportunity to produce brand-savvy sales messages.

We worked closely with Craig on the verbal identity and also worked on training key writers in his team.

Better than we can say it

Verbal Identity was a valuable partner during our discussions on brand identity giving us incredibly simple focus on where/how to position our communication at Staples. On a secondary level, Chris was also a trusted sounding board, helping give valuable advice to lead and steer an aligned approach for my in-house team of copywriters. His input delivered great results thanks to the close collaboration we had working with him and his dedicated team.

Craig Lovelidge, Head of Creative, Staples