Toms: When you need to work at more than full capacity

Launching new products regularly is an essential part of a retail brand’s life. But when your team is working at full capacity, how do you find the time and attention to make sure you launch with maximum impact?

More than ‘business as normal’

TOMS is the shoes and eyewear company which has grown phenomenally on the basis of its one-for-one giving philosophy. The CMO knew she faced a dilemma: the brand needed to launch a new product line (a collaboration with Apple for a new watch strap) and needed as much energy behind the launch as it deserved. But business as normal still had to happen.

Get in skilled and experienced help. Quick.

A week later, our Founder Chris West was on a flight to Los Angeles to take a brief from the CMO, along with Blake Mycoskie, TOMS Founder. Chris worked alongside the CMO and key team members on the brand’s written output and vision work. Chris, with more than 20 years’ experience in branding, could provide not only the writing firepower to help push the TOMS team over the finishing line, but also to give the clarity of a fresh pair of eyes on the project.

Verbal Identity is honoured to have been invited to help such an outstanding company with their continuing work.