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January 28th 2020: DIY brand voice audit

August 6th 2019: The $1 trillion fraud and the language of innovation

July 2nd 2019: What happens now that neobanks aren't new?

May 24th 2019: How to help technical people become storytellers

April 11th 2019: How to work with the ghost of a departed founder

April 3rd 2019: What links HBR's Best-Performing CEOs in the World?

March 8th 2019: Stories beat numbers- Warren Buffet

February 12th 2019: If you were a start-up, would anyone fund you?

January 29th 2019: 3 key trends hidden in Bain's latest overview of the luxury market

January 17th 2019: Don't waste time on Purpose. It's strategic Vision that guides companies best

December 28th 2018: What would you ask the world's #1 management thinker?

December 16th 2018: That little something missing from most brands

November 29th 2018: Silencing the cultural echo

February 25th: Proof (finally!) that good writing is good for business. The value of a brand's tone of voice

How can you train writers virtually? Tone of voice, copy writing and training from home