One Vision

We help Founders and CEOs define the one inspiring vision for their brand.

For an ambitious brand in a complex and fast-changing world, there is no time for missteps. A guiding, strategic vision is critical.

It’s the Vision which shapes the beliefs, behaviours and choices made at every moment of the day by everyone in the company.

A unifying Vision creates value at every level of a business.

And, through this, it creates value in the mind of the customer.

But that vision – the definition of who we are and what we stand for – can only be sustained if it is authentic and inspiring. For this reason, it must be drawn from inside the company.

Our unique methodology

We use a proven, proprietary ‘inside out’ method.

We work intensively with a brand’s key individuals to uncover the original inspiration, the brand’s DNA and its essential purpose.

By using rigorous research and linguistic analysis, combined with established creative skills, we are able to define an authentic and inspiring brand vision.

This is codified into our unique 7-slide format.

Seven slides, we’ve discovered, is long enough to be exhaustive – yet short enough to be memorable.

This format crystallises your customer’s motivations, your brand’s beliefs (why you do what you do), your brand values (how you do what you do) and a unifying relationship between them.

Finally, we sum this up in one specific, unique positioning. Think of it as your company’s tattoo: the organising thought, imprinted in the minds of everyone in your organisation, that defines what you do and what you stand for.

The impact of our work

The visions we create are free of jargon and immediately accessible. They are also precise.

Time and again, as we’ve presented these findings to the Board, Investors and the wider company, the simplicity of our format has made ‘the truth from within’ credible, memorable and inspiring.

And the breadth of the visions we’ve helped create means that they have been used to guide hundreds of millions of pounds of investment in new retail formats, new brand and product lines, new comms, new hirings, new employee values and company policies.

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